As simple as pie. In short, Riders must act in the spirit of self sufficiency and equal opportunity for all racers. Have fun and stay safe. It is only a bicycle race. Probably the longest one you will undertake. Have you seen similar rules before? Yes, we also like the Transcontinental 🙂 Featured image by PSNH under CC 2.0

  1. Format. Riders must ride from the start point to the finish point and visit all mandatory controls en-route. Oh, and there will be a few secret controls to ensure everyone plays by the rules.
  2. No outside help. 3rd party support is prohibited. All food, drink and equipment must be carried by the rider or acquired en-route. So your mates my not drive along in a car and dart you with steroids. You may, however, buy things along the way or grab items at the designated control points.
  3. No drafting. Drafting is prohibited. Because you cannot be declared a winner if you have a team sitting in front of you 90% of the way. And certainly no sitting behind vehicles.
  4. HPV. All forward land travel must be human powered. We don’t care if you use a penny farthing, TT bars, aero bikes or recumbants. But no engines or e-bikes. We do suggest something comfortable. And ensure you take enough spares as you are only allowed to get items from shops en route and at designated controls – no support vehicle handing you a second bike.
  5. Keep in touch. Riders are responsible for maintaining positional updates and evidence thereof. Keep those batteries charged and electronic devices switched on. 24 hours of inactivity without contact will be deemed a scratch. We need to know where you are and your online followers want to cheer you on.
  6. Safety. No Helmet, No Insurance, No Ride. No Exceptions. Our main concern is your safety. We take this very seriously. Be visible, stay out of traffic, switch on your lights and wear your high visibility jackets. It is the rider’s responsibility to know and observe local laws. Don’t cycle with earphones in the middle of the road. Obey the rules. This may help –