The Route

Ah, yes, the route. We can’t show everything here – it’s a secret, for now – for safety and other reasons. But try to wrap your head around some stats. It’s staggering, but entirely doable – 5,000 kms spread over 30 days is just 167 each day, with the nights to rest. For the racing snakes though, things will be different. How many kms can you do in a day? How long can you go without sleep? Either way, you get to see your/our beautiful country, like no-one else.

  • Wikipedia lists over 600 towns in South Africa, of which you’ll go through almost 100. That’s impressive.
  • Climb over 41,000 vertical meters. That’s over 40 Table Mountains, or 5 Everests, on top of each other.
  • Did you say Mountain Pass? Cycle more than 40 of the over 300 mountain passes in SA.
  • You’ll visit 8 of the 9 provinces (all but Gauteng, the most densely populated one).
  • And cross around 150 different rivers, some of them over and over again.
  • As al die riviere vol brandewyn was…

The ultimate race.

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